Instruments for X-ray Analysis
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Instruments for X-ray Analysis

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X-ray complex  

We produce analytical system for x-ray studies:

·         x-ray reflectometry,

·         x-ray refractometry,

·         x-ray diffractometry ( XRD ) ,

·         x-ray small-angle scattering,

·         x-ray fluorescence analysis ( XRF ),

·         x-ray absorption spectrometry

in one device. The unique device for modern research in the field of material science and nanotechnology.





X-ray tubes and X-ray sources

We produce mini- x-ray tubes and x-ray radiators: small-sized, microfocal x-ray tubes, miniature x-ray radiators and high voltage power supply systems ( supply unit for x-ray source ) for portable handheld and benchtop instruments.

Distinctive features of our miniature x-ray sources are small dimensions, small focal spot, low power, high reliability, durability and efficiency. All x-ray generators are designed for long continuous work and can find application in the industry and research laboratories, as well as for medical applications etc. They are used for the following purposes:

·         x-ray fluorescence analysis ( XRF ) – x-ray fluorescence analyzers, x-ray fluorescence spectrometers ;

·         x-ray diffractometry ( XRD ) – x-ray diffractometers ;

·         x-ray microscopy ( XRM ) – x-ray microscopes ;

·         non-destructive testing (NDT), defectoscopy, introscopy  - x-ray defectoscope , introscope ;

·        x-ray mammography – x-ray mammograph ;

·         x-ray radiotherapy, radiation oncology, brachytherapy, radiosurgery    – x-ray  therapeutic  medical apparatus  etc.

It is possible to select of X-ray optics: polycapillary optics ( Kumakhov optics, Kumakhov X-ray lens ) or mono - capillary optics to use together with our x-ray tubes for obtaining desired parameters of x-ray beams.


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