Instruments for X-ray Analysis: X-ray complex for Nanotechnology
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Instruments for X-ray Analysis: X-ray complex for Nanotechnology

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We produce analytical system for x-ray analysis: reflectometry, refractometry, diffractometry, small-angle scattering, absorption spectrometry and fluorescence analysis in one device - unique device for modern research in the field of material science and nanotechnology.

X-ray reflectometry is now widely used in science and technology to measure and monitor thin film thickness, roughness of super-smooth surfaces, period of multilayer nanostructures and surface layer density.

Due to its unique features and patented design it provides simultaneous measurements with a number of spectral lines. The instrument is specifically designed for diagnostics of thin films and interfaces. But due to flexible scheme it can also ensure all standard X-ray techniques.

Our X-ray complex is based on latest developments in X-ray optics. We offer a genuine X-ray solution with unmatched combination of analytical features.


Six Basic Operation Modes:

  • X-ray reflectometry
  • X-ray diffractometry
  • X-ray fluorescence
  • X-ray refractometry
  • X-ray small-angle scattering
  • X-ray absorption spectrometry

Controlled parameters:

  • Surface and interface roughness (down to 0.05 nm)
  • Thin layer thickness (1-300 nm)
  • Structure period ( 0.1 nm )
  • Surface layer density
  • Radius and concentration of nano-particles
  • Composition of layers
  • Radius of curvature (up to 300 m)
  • Layered structure period